MACC | Houston Day One
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Houston Day One

Houston Day One

Greetings from Houston,

The pilot went to full power before finishing his turn onto the runway and it has been a whirlwind trip ever since. We hit the ground running and headed to Goodes Company Barbecue on the recommendation of Wes C.  The food was so good I actually had to give some to all three kids but there was NO sweet tea, so I can’t give this place a prefect score.

After arriving at “The Grove” we unpacked and got the tour. Before the storm this property was in one of the poorest neighborhoods. 18” of water filled the homes and building where we are staying.  See the pin point below.

Many homes were not rebuilt in favor of brand new high end multi-story homes that are selling for 400k. The Grove decided to sell its assets to one of the local mega churches (First Baptist Houston) instead of risking the land being turned into housing.

After our Monday morning safety briefings, we gather our tools from their massive war chest. They have close to $300,000 in tools that were purchase from or given thru donations to EFCA.

All of the properties I’m am about to describe we’re not flooded during the storms rampage. They all flooded after the Army Corps of Engineers were forced to make the difficult decision of opening the spillways on local reservoirs hoping to prevent the levees and dams bursting uncontrollably. There is great debate on whether or not this was needed and it has lead to an extremely emotional situation between homeowners and government.

One team member was paired up with a leader from North Dakota with the goal of working thru final punch lists item at three properties.  With this work the organization will be able to close out these homes as completed.

My family and the Steers family who arrived this morning were sent to House #1. While Lucy and I installed green board in the bathroom, the rest of our crew along with our leader Mark was forced to practice the organization’s favorite phrase, “that’s the way we like it.”  We were hit by thunderstorms about every hour. Unfortunately, this was not predicted and upon arrival they had immediately set out to paint the facia boards. There was also some caulking work that need to be done on the chimney cap which AJ was more than happy to climb on the roof and do himself. Thankfully everyone got off the roof before it began to pour and we had to rethink our outdoor plans but I guess that’s “that’s the way we like it.”

They ended up painting front porch where it would not be exposed to the rain and we managed to make the best of the situation and get a lot of other small tasks completed around the property.

Melissa took most of the pictures so she is the behind camera.

We were able to kick up some conversations with a few members of the family but I would ask that you pray for opportunities to speak love into their lives.  We also ask that you pray for the weather forecast to changed as they’re calling for more rain and we have exterior tasks that we hope to complete before returning home.  The thunderstorms also kept us from performing any prayer walks around the neighborhood so that is another area you can pray for.

Everyone else has already gone to bed and the camp dog just gave up on me too so I guess I better go to bed. Thank you for coming along side us today.