MACC | Houston Mission Team – Day Two
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Houston Mission Team – Day Two

Houston Mission Team – Day Two

Thank you, God, for answered prayers!!!  All three of the requests for yesterday were answered and a few others that I did not vocalize.

The morning started early with everyone commenting on how their heads hit the pillows and the next thing they knew they were hearing the alarm clock. We spent some time in devotions and worship before heading up to our respective job sites.

Praise #1:
Teams at all three locations were able to listen to what these homeowners lived through and dealt with.  We learned how the family in living in house number #1 lived in their home for nine days waiting for over a foot of water to recede.  Scott’s team was also able to build some bridges with their homeowner who also stayed in his home while the waters receded.  He also used his boat to ferry his neighbors to higher ground.  Matt was able see pictures of the flooding at his service location.  We look forward to continuing to build upon these blocks.

Praise #2:
The rain waited until we were on our way home for the night allowing us the time to make up the ground we lost on Monday.  We hope to put final coats on tomorrow.  We were able to get a lot of the outdoor project closer to completion.

Praise #3:
We haven’t heard any thunder all day!  Melissa, AJ, Joanna, Lucy, and Bethany (another teammate) were able to take a prayer walk around the neighborhood.  This was a true learning experience for the kids as they have not taken part in one of these before.  It ended with a thank you Jesus for Playgrounds.

Lucy and I were able to make (what I’m calling) a praise drive.  I ended up doing most of the praising as Lucy was asleep before we left the neighborhood.  This drive marked a major victory toward House #1’s completion story.  A local Ferguson location was able to find a shower pan to replace the master bathroom’s old bathtub.  They arranged for me to pick it up.  After discovering the tub was not a “perfect” fit, the vendor was able to help me problem solve a solution.  My 16 years of experience came into play as I helped a young Ferguson employee get our solution entered and processed on their side.

The God sents:
One of our unspoken answered prayer involved 12 white paint suits and a can of black spray paint.  If that wasn’t enough of a clue for ya…today was Cow Appreciation Day.  My family has made a tradition of taking part in this event for many years.  I even considered packing my suit and horns for this trip, but we assumed that we’d be too busy, so we just let the idea go.  But last night at dinner, one of the resident staff members asked who was wanted to go.  God made a way despite our silence.  While the rest the of team and a few of our new friends enjoyed a lunch of free Chick-fil-A, Matt was treated to a freshly prepared steak lunch by his homeowner (purely coincidence).

In summary, while we may not be “roughin’ it” like others have done…we have seen God working both through answered prayers and cleared paths and we are wondering what is in store for tomorrow.  Joanna would like to wish everyone goodnight…I don’t think she made it out of the neighborhood either.

Have a great day,
Ryan A. Jones