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Contact us at sports@themacc.org to get started on an 8 week Wellness Revelation course for a great time of renewing our minds and bodies with our Revelation Wellness Certified Instructor, Sarah Wagler.


Where Friends become Family and Family becomes Healthy and Whole

fitness books and programs today only address fitness from a physical and nutritional perspective.  Here at the MACC, we believe that most physical and nutritional issues aren’t only about exercise and diet, but the Renewal of our minds/hearts which will bring a life change that leads to health and wholeness.

…be transformed by the renewing of your mind. -Romans 12:2

Upcoming Opportunities

The Wellness Revelation (TWR)

The Wellness Revelation (TWR) is an 8-week small group/discipleship study that helps you to lose what weighs you down so you can love God, yourself, and others. Led by Sarah Wagler. The cost is $50 for nine sessions / eight weeks (includes book). Scholarships are available. 

The Wellness Revelation (TWR) Video



  • Get Active: Don’t forget to engage in exercise that you love, even as the holiday season gets busy. Movement is a great way to relieve stress, enjoy time with others, and get some fresh air.

  • Eat Breakfast: With all of the fun meals and festive eats during this time of the year, don’t forget what many consider to be the most important meal of the day!

  • Stay Mindful: Staying mindful while eating is a gift we can give ourselves during the holiday season.

  • Drink lots of water! While there are many fun festive holiday versions of some of your favorite items to enjoy (lattes, hot chocolates, sparkling juices, etc.), don’t forget that what your body really needs is water! Aim for half a gallon a day. Stay hydrated during the holidays.

  • Focus on the Giver of Every Good Gift: Health is not just about what we are eating, drinking, or how we are moving our bodies. The fact that we even have bodies and the ability to eat and move in love is a gift from the Giver of every good gift - the Lord!

  • Get your rest: 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal for adults.

  • Stretch: Take a few moments for a much needed stretch.

  • Press Pause: Daily 5 minute rest breaks for breathing, prayer, meditation, and reflection during Advent.

  • Journal: Write a short entry each day of something you are thankful for and what you are learning. Reflect on this past year and begin to seek God for the new year.

*from Revelation Wellness; - find more at https://www.revelationwellness.org