UPWARDS/FC² sign-ups are open
League for K-3rd - Sept. - Nov. 9


F = FUN!!!!!  -  At the MACC FC² Soccer League, we take our FUN seriously. We know that to develop PASSION for a Sport the training and development has to be FUN.  Players will learn skills and then put them into practice in a fun game.  Creativity will be encouraged by a minimum of coaching from the sideline so that kids will be able to express themselves through the sport of soccer.

C² = Coaching (Quality) - Head Coach, Rob Wagler , has 25+ years of coaching experience  internationally.  He will personally oversee the coaching, so that the quality of skills coaching will be at the Travel Level or higher. As with all our sports programs at the MACC, our goal is to redeem Sport by 3 Dimensional coaching  -  Body, Soul & Spirit. 

C² = Competition (Close) - Just as in other Upward Sports, there will be an important skills evaluation time before the teams are selected, so that the competition is evenly matched as possible.  Players will be challenged by the competition, but have success so that they are encouraged to continue to progress in their skills..